Our Mail Division has over 80+ years of mailing experience. Now that is a lot of time to spend with the United States Post Office (USPS). From small, personalized mailings to hundreds of thousands of mailers, our team is standing by to get your message out in the mail. Whether you have a custom mailing list from your CRM database or you want to blanket specific mailing routes within a certain zip code, we will make sure you hit your target audience.

WHY CHOSE A MAIL HOUSE LIKE GIC? Because we know ALL the ins and outs of the USPS mailing process. The USPS has strict rules and regulations which can be limiting if you do not have the resources and mail knowledge that we have and utilize. We also have access to competitive postage rates and programs like Enhanced Carrier Route mailings (ECR), which are less limiting and less expensive than consumer-based programs like the common Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). Reach out to learn more!

CAPABILITIES: We have amassed an arsenal of mailing equipment that allows us to automate your project for quick mailings and efficient workflow. We have inserters, tabbers, inkjets, postage counters, you name it. We also have daily USPS drops scheduled so your mailings will not miss a beat.

HISTORY: We grew our mail services by acquiring Caldwell Letter Service (CLS) in January of 2019. CLS was headed by Patty Perry and husband Will Perry. GIC has worked with CLS for generations – Louise Wood-Markasovic (2nd Generation) used to work with Patty Perry’s parents, who were first generation owners of Caldwell. After working off of each other’s strengths, which consisted of GIC sending mail projects to CLS and CLS sending print work to GIC, we decided to merge the two companies and become one big family. This turned out to be a great match, as we can both offer more competitive services to each other’s client base and make a seamless transition into one company. CLS acts as Graphic Image Corp.’s in-house Mail Division, which still uses the name Caldwell Letter for brand recognition. When you do work with us, you get decades worth of printing and mail service experience.